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CCPS Diploma Program Pathways

At Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, a student entering the IB Diploma Program will make a choice about the course taken throughout the two year program.  Typically, courses in the first year will be continued in the second year, with one exception (IB History SL is a one-year course).  Please examine the IB Course Selection Form below to see how we ask students to make their course of study selections.  Also, check out our CCPS Course Catalog for further information and descriptions about the classes offered each year.
On the IB Course Selection Form, you may notice that one of the first points made concerns the decision of being an IB Diploma candidate.  At Cottonwood Classical, students have three pathways they may choose when moving through the IB Diploma Program: Diploma candidate pathway (IB testing in all courses), Course candidate pathway (IB testing in selected courses), and Honors candidate pathway (no IB testing).  Normally, this decision isn't made until the beginning of the student's senior year, as they have then had a chance to be in the Diploma Program for one year and can make a more informed decision based on experience.  The visual below lays out the differences between each pathway, but there are some additional points to keep in mind:
  • A student pursuing the IB Diploma path must have a combination of either 3 SL and 3 HL courses, or 2 SL and 4 HL courses.
    • For more information about the meaning of SL versus HL, please access our IB Acronym webpage.  For specific SL and HL differences by course, please access our CCPS Course Catalog or visit each subject's webpage.
  • A student decides her/his final path to graduation through the Diploma Program by November of the senior year.
    • This includes a decision of which exams to take for all Honors Candidate students (IB Diploma Candidates take all IB exams and assessments).
  • All students, despite pathway, must receive a "Passing" grade for the IB Core two-year course to be eligible for graduation at CCPS.
    • Visit the IB Core webpage for more information.
  • All juniors and seniors, despite pathway, will be taking IB courses during their time at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School.
    • There are no "regular" courses offered to students, as we offer an IB Diploma Program only for the last two years of high school.
Testing in the IB Diploma Program is a financial commitment, and one that should be discussed and planned as a family before making any final decisions.  Please see our IB Exam Registration Cost & Payment Schedule form below for more information.  Limited financial assistance is available, so please access the IB Exam Scholarship Application for information on how to apply, documentation required, and application deadlines.