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CCPS International Baccalaureate Diploma Program » The IB Diploma Program and University/College Entrance

The IB Diploma Program and University/College Entrance

Colleges see IB as an extremely rigorous curriculum; rigor is one of the key admission criteria when pursuing entrance to higher educational institutions.  When a student seeks the IB Diploma, it demonstrates pursuit of the highest available rigor, not only in the United States, but across the globe.
Colleges know IB students can, and will, succeed at that educational level, as IB students enter knowing how to think, write, study, research, and discuss effectively and coherently.
Colleges and universities can offer placement, or credit, for IB coursework and assessments; however, details vary widely and change frequently from school to school.  Please consult the admissions offices of prospective schools individually, and access the IB website for some additional information, specifically through their Frequently Asked Questions and how the IB Diploma compares to other qualifications
Also, please see how some of New Mexico's colleges and universities support IB Diploma and Course candidates through their institutional policies:
One thing that we ask parents and students to keep in mind is that attaining the IB Diploma or Certificate (as a Course candidate) should be based on achieving a personal goal, challenging one's self, or pursuing the highest available rigor, rather than being able to "cash in" your IB work for college gain; it is important to resist the inclination to pick colleges based on this motivation.
Below you will find further information about college acceptance and attendance of Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School graduates, as well as further college views of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

College Views of IB

University of Rochester (a mid size private college, highly selective)

Rochester shares the values of IB. The International Baccalaureate program facilitates a broad and deep curricular exploration of the intersections between disciplines and gives students opportunities to demonstrate intrinsically motivated, self-directed learning through research. Students at Rochester stay engaged with their learning in the same way through our unique curricular structure.

-University of Rochester website

Kenyon College (one of the more selective liberal arts colleges in U.S.)

“We love IB. it provides rigor, writing, and integration of disciplines. TOK is such a valuable component as well.”

-Bev Morse, Associate Dean of Admissions

Macalester College (another demanding, selective, liberal arts college)

"Because of Macalester's long history of internationalism, we've been working with I.B. graduates long before the program even existed in the United States.  Over those many years, we've found I.B. Diploma grads to be very well-prepared for the academic challenges that await them at highly selective colleges.  They're motivated and their time-management skills are excellent.  I think admissions officers at all highly selective colleges and universities recognize and appreciate the rigor of the program."

-Lorne Robinson, Dean of Admissions

University of Tulsa (a small to midsize private college in the upper range of selectivity)

“While there is a great advantage to the scholarship and credit opportunities that an IB Diploma can lead to at The University of Tulsa, we value the IB program for the quality of education that it provides to our future students. We appreciate the wide curriculum that the International Baccalaureate program presents to students, and the fact that students are required to study in areas that are, at times, out of their comfort zone. In students who have matriculated from International Baccalaureate programs, we have seen advanced writing and language skills, as well as enhanced study and time management practices. We know that the IB program requires a higher level of dedication and time commitment, and we see the return on that in the student's ability to transition more easily to the college environment, which requires a similar level of commitment in order to be successful from the start. In essence, we believe that students who have completed an IB program show maturity, balance, and academic ability that has prepared them incredibly well for the rigorous college setting, and for those reasons, we look upon IB students very highly in the admission and scholarship review process.”

-Deanna Smith, Admissions Counselor