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Dress Code Expectations

Cottonwood Classical Student Daily Dress Expectations
Student dress should reflect a seriousness of purpose.  To that end, clothing must be neat, clean, appropriate, modest, and not distracting to the learning environment.  It is the school's prerogative to determine what is objectionable.  Ultimately, clothing that depicts ideology contrary to Cottonwood Classical philosophies and policies, whether stated or implied, is prohibited.  The paragraphs below further outline the dress expectations for Cottonwood Classical students.
All Cottonwood Classical students are required to wear the CCPS polo (any color), Mondays through Thursdays each week.  On Fridays, students are allowed to wear an approved Cottonwood Classical spirit shirt or a college or university shirt.  Students may wear clean pants, jeans, shorts, and/or skirts of their choice as long as they meet the expectations set below (see Other Dress Code Expectations for further clarification of dress code policies and rules).
When inside the building, the Cottonwood Classical polo must be the outer, visible shirt.  The CCPS polo cannot be covered by long-sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirts ("hoodies"), other sweaters, and/or jackets.  Students may bring the above mentioned items to school for use outside.  Students needing to wear layered clothing must wear this clothing underneath the Cottonwood Classical polo.
Cottonwood Classical spirit shirts must be approved by school personnel.  These shirts typically include (but are not limited to) club/activity/athletic shirts, event shirts, advisory shirts, and/or grade-level shirts.
Other Dress Code Expectations
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn throughout the day at all times.  Appropriate footwear must have soles designed for all-day use.
  • Hairstyles should not distract from the learning process or draw unnecessary attention to the student.  School administration has the final authority over determining the appropriateness of hairstyles.
  • Students may not have more than one facial piercing (not including ear lobes), and ear gauges that are larger than 1/2 inch in diameter.  No piercings should pose a danger to the individual wearing them, including (but not limited to) spiked gauges, spiked studs, or large hoops. Piercings on the ears may also be deemed excessive if the number, gauge, length, or design creates an educational distraction or an unsafe situation.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted - meaning that all tattoos must be covered at all times.
  • No undergarments can be seen at any time.  This includes bra straps and underwear.
  • Spaghetti straps, tank tops, or muscle shirts are not allowed.  Any combinations of tank tops, muscle shirts, or spaghetti straps are also not permitted unless covered by an outer shirt that meets the dress code expectations.  Sleeveless shirts are acceptable as long as the arm hole terminates at the shoulder joint.  Shirts that hang off of the shoulder are not permitted.
  • Pant sagging is not allowed.  Clothing must be worn at waist level at, or above, the hips.
  • Hats and sunglasses are allowed outside only.  Students may wear hair accessories, such as headbands, as long as they do not go over the forehead, are behind the student's hairline, and are not distracting to the learning process.  Hats, such as baseball hats, beanies, or similar headgear, may not be worn inside the building.
  • Writing and/or images that are sexually suggestive, violent, disrespectful, and/or racially inappropriate are not allowed on clothing.  Furthermore, symbolism of drugs, tobacco, and/or alcohol on any garment is also prohibited.
  • As stated above, students must wear clean pants free of printed patterns, patches, rips, frays, and/or tears.  Students are also not permitted to cover tears with non-clothing materials, such as duct tape.
  • Lounge wear, including (but not limited to) pajamas and/or sleepwear is not permitted.
Sanctioned Non-Polo Events
During school-sanctioned, non-polo events, such as dress down days, spirit wear Fridays, and/or other school-sanctioned activities, students must adhere to the dress code guidelines outlined above. Specific clothing expectations will be made clear for such events.
PE Dress Expectations
On scheduled PE days, students are required to wear their PE shirt with black or gray sweatpants, athletic pants, or athletic shorts that are free of large logos and/or lettering (no lettering or graphics are allowed on the rear end of a student's shorts or sweatpants).  Students need to wear proper closed-toe athletic shoes.  Clothes should be sized appropriately (i.e. not too baggy and/or excessively tight or revealing.  PE shirts can only be worn during PE class.
Note to Parents
Parents...PLEASE keep in mind that Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School is a college preparatory school, and our main focus is to provide an environment conducive to learning.  We do not want to spend time dealing with dress issues when student achievement is at stake.  While there are fads, styles, and fashion issues that might "push the limits" of our dress code, and since we know that we cannot anticipate all of the potential personal choices around clothing and appearance, we ask that you help us reinforce our dress code and support the focus on academics by checking your child's dress before they come to school each morning.  And please keep in mind: the administration will have final determination on all dress issues.